Genealogy: Wezemaal - Rotselaar - Werchter
Wim Vandersloten

On this website I try to accumulate genealogical information on the families of Wezemaal, Rotselaar and Werchter throughout the XVIth, XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, adding the relation between successive generations in the course of ages.
The relatives of the different families often lead me to adjacent municipalities, but sometimes even to other continents.

The website is regularly updated (usually on Sunday) with recent research.

At this moment the file contains more than 113900 persons from 31500 families.

You can use the list of 'surnames' or the 'index' to search for family records.
On top of each family card and on the surnames or index pages you'll find a search function, which allows you to find people by name.

The following symbols are used on the family records:
 . for the date and place of birth,
 =. for the date and place of baptism,
 x. for the date and place of mariage,
Ber. for the persons occupation and place of residence,
 +. for the date and place of death,
[ ]. for the date and place of burial.

Maybe some of the information on this website can be of use for your family tree.

Every addition or correction of the published information is always welcome and will be put on the website as soon as possible.
Every positive reaction is always appreciated.

I wish you much succes with your genealogical research !

Groenstraat 30
3110 Rotselaar